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What we do

We encourage research and actions

We encourage access to information, knowledge and actors that are able to see and understand who, where and why needs help, so we can make reactions easier, faster and more efficient.

We bring together knowledge, data and information.

There is an abundance of people active in this area. That is why we combine and analyse the results of all our contemplations and actions.

We connect.

We are acting in order to get to know one another, present our views and work, and encourage mutual cooperation.

We reveal the background.

We highlight problems, ask questions, create a public forum and encourage you to speak up.

We gather and disseminate information.

We observe and listen. We take notes, so we can know more and in a better way tomorrow.

We enable coordinated action.

Based on easier access to content that is collected in one place, we enable action with »one voice«.

We observe, so we don't overlook important aspects.

We don't believe in the saying: “What you don't know, won't hurt you.” We lift up the carpet, where the problems are usually swept away.

We learn.

We upgrade our knowledge; we learn from best practice cases and encourage interdisciplinary approaches.



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