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Project MOSA

MOSA is a meta-organizational entity established to provide transparent, dynamic, clear and easily accessible information about alcohol issues and to encourage various directly or indirectly involved actors in the programs and/or policies development within alcohol issues.

About MOSA

•    MOSA analytically structures relevant information for alcohol policy and programs development in the field of harmful alcohol use prevention, provides structured information to all interested parties and suggestions for easier and more efficient preventive programs development.
•    MOSA encourages all (especially those financed by government) actors, dealing with alcohol issues to report on its work in the base MOSA.
•    MOSA provides 24/7 information about alcohol issues in Slovenia through a publicly accessible portal.
•    MOSA encourages integration among existing and potential actors by yearly organizing a national symposium for all those engaged in the field of alcohol issues (either oriented in research or best practices for prevention).
•    MOSA has developed and is regularly updating a database platform of
a) actors,
b) research articles and
c) prevention programs in the field of alcohol issues.
•    MOSA highlights the alcohol issues and encourages a comprehensive, systematic, intersectoral and interdisciplinary approach to tackle them.
•    MOSA encourages the public to report legislation violations within the alcohol policy, raise questions for discussion and to provide ideas for addressing and solving concrete alcohol-related problems
•    MOSA develops a library of materials developed by the different actors and provides a free access and usage of the materials for intervention activities.

MOSA purpose and goals are in line with the priorities in the area of alcohol issues exposed by professionals and Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia. Moreover, it’s a Slovenian contribution to the European Union’s efforts in tackling the alcohol problem.




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